Who we are


devicesWe started DIZAIND because we were dissatisfied with the way Fashion industry works: led by uniformity of mandated trends or overpriced luxury and responsible for much of the exploitation of people and environment.

At DIZAIND, we make customized bags to promote uniqueness of your own identity. Each bag is made by hand, with care and attention to detail, in a small atelier in Italy, Bergamo. We are recipient of leather craftsmanship tradition of Italian artisans and we aim to foster these unique craft skills in the world of mass production.

Our products are made from the highest quality leather, outstanding for its color and softness, which we source from top Italian tanneries that are leaders in their fields for their craft and environmental standards. All hides come as a by-product from the food industry.

We make our products sustainable for the planet and people by selecting qualified suppliers, having no waste in our craftsmanship process, and creating the high quality product that feels personal and don’t need to be replaced due to the fast fading fashion trends.


With DIZAIND you acquire a unique bag, which has a presence of your own character and a person who crafted it. The bag that you could value and pass on to your future generations.


Santare Slavinskas, Founder & Art Director, DIZAIND

Founded in Switzerland, 2015