Who we are

DIZAIND, pronounced: designed, is a bespoke fashion brand, born in Switzerland in 2015, with stylish deluxe bags at its heart. It offers shoppers the opportunity to design their own bag or add a personal touch to trendy and classic models online. DIZAIND bags are individually handcrafted from top quality materials by skilled artisans, creating for you an empowering sense of authenticity and personal luxury.

DIZAIND stands for creativity and Slow Fashion. Nothing makes this more possible as exploring your imagination and expressing your identity through designing a bag that you will cherish for many seasons.

We believe that perfection takes time, so there is no pre-production in our bag creation. Each one starts when you place an order. All materials are then selected and each bag is handmade to your design specifications.  

Our aspiration is to provide our customers with the best online designing experience and the highest satisfaction in owning a personally designed bag.

To reach these goals we:

  • Constantly analyze fashion industry trends to offer an inspiring collection of classic and trendy bag models
  • Develop technology enabling customized fashion and the best shopping experience
  • Offer a wide range of colors for every season and occasion
  • Personally select the top quality materials we use for DIZAIND bags
  • Collaborate with the most qualified partners worldwide
  • Keep prices transparent and care for high quality standards

DIZAIND is a place where your imagination meets our solutions to create your dream bag. We hope you will enjoy the experience.




DIZAIND is the trademark of Pistol Star Group GmbH.

Pistol Star Group GmbH is a limited liability company incorporated in Zurich, Switzerland in 2014. Pistol Star Group GmbH operates www.dizaindbags.com website.