Who we are

Solving the dilemma of style, quality, and price in the perfect bag

DIZAIND is a Swiss brand established in 2014 by the Jonas and Santare Slavinskas family.

It started as a result of Santare’s passion (not too snobbish) for shoes. She found it difficult to find a good quality bag that matched different pairs of shoes without looking too boring. One store had the right style, but not the right color. Another had the right style and color, but the price was too high. Although Santare spent a significant amount of time in stores, she always returned home empty handed and frustrated. Santare decided to quit her day job to start her own handbag business, and DIZAIND was born!

DIZAIND’s goal is to enable modern women to create bags in their own styles and preferred colors, bags as unique as their owners’ personalities. Santare decided that these one-of-a-kind bags must be crafted from the finest quality leather, but they must be more affordable than many high-end fashion brands.

How we came-up with the brand name

How should our customer-designed handbags be branded? We did not feel it would do our customers justice to use our name or an inventive name, which is common in the fashion industry, on this new brand. Therefore, we decided to call the brand DESIGNED, but it is spelled as it sounds /dɪˈzʌɪnd/. The name simply means that the bag you bought was DIZAIND BY YOU or FOR YOU.

Make your bag unique and personal

With our unique, fun 3D design tool, you step into the shoes of a designer.

DIZAIND offers the largest selection of customization options for your bag. You can mix colors and materials for many individual elements of the bag. For example, transform your bag from classy to modern by changing style details or adding pockets and accessories. We also offer different shoulder straps in adjustable lengths to match your size and bag-carrying habits.

If you want to make your bag more personal, we will replace our logo with your monogram. With millions of possible bag style combinations, you can acquire a truly one-of-the-kind bag.

The type of leather determines how your bag will look over time

We use the highest grade full grain leather from Italian tanneries.

Full grain leather hides retain their entire grain (top layer). Full grain is the best, strongest, and most durable leather, and since the grain is so tight, it resists moisture very well. Marks accumulate on the grain over an animal's lifetime, so only the cleanest hides can be used for full grain leather, making these hides the most expensive and most difficult to find.

Be a part of sustainable fashion

Sustainability is part of our business philosophy, and each of our bags is made-to-order. Therefore, we do not participate in mass production, and we do not have products write-offs. Our bags are crafted in a small atelier in Italy by the master artisan with over 30 years of experience, preserving a long Italian tradition of leather bag craftsmanship. All our bag materials are sourced based strictly on your bag design specifications, which reduces waste. In addition, the leather used in our bag production is a by-product of the food industry, ensuring that no animal has been killed for its skin.

We’d love to hear your thoughts

Tell us what you think about our brand and products. Share your ideas and feedback with us at: santare@dizaindbags.com or jonas@dizaindbags.com. Please be blunt!