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There’s no denying that some of us just have a natural sense of style. It is easy for us to put outfits together that always look good and fashionable. But what if you are missing this sense wouldn’t be nice to get some advice from stylish people. Sure it would! So here it goes. We decided to kick off our new Blogger of the Month series with the Swiss-based style influencer Anna Mardan. We caught up with Anna while she was designing her DIZAIND bag. She was excited to share her styling tips with all of you.

how to design your bag.

Finally, you have chosen the bag you want to design, so now you just need to decide what colors and leathers you will use to make your bag stand out. Some people have a natural instinct to mix and match colors, but if you are not one of them and are struggling to decide which colors you should use for your custom bag, you are at the right place.


December is a month of celebration. It is a time for work parties and festive dinners with friends and family members. Not to mention a magical New Years Eve.

What will you wear to look fresh at every party?! We have prepared five hot combos that will take your party looks to the next level. Keep scrolling and get inspired.



From the first documented use of handbags, carved in to stone in hieroglyphics in the 14th century, we have long adored, craved and even idolised handbags, making them a fashion accessory that many of us simply could not live without. So with our favourite handbag at our side through the good times and the bad, it’s time we got to know a little more about our most trusted fashion companion. (more…)

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Fall Has Arrived and Winter Is On Its Way!

With the changing of the seasons it’s time to think about the new fall/winter bag fashions that will keep you stylish and organized. A women’s handbag is not only her favorite accessory, it is a necessity. This season everyone is paying special attention to the personalization of handbags and the styles available that will fit the taste and personality of every woman. If you want to be in style and add a touch of your personality to your favorite accessory, you are in luck, the personalization trend is not going anywhere, as a matter of fact it is expected to continue growing. So if are not sure what the look of the upcoming seasons will be, continue reading and you will be able to choose the bag that makes a statement about you. (more…)

Matching shoes and bag

So you have an eye for style and you are proud of your fashion credentials. People pass comment on your individuality and your ability to know what suits you. You have the seamless ability to know exactly what the right outfit is for the occasion. But despite your entire fashion prowess, there’s just one little bit of detail that stops you from reaching style perfection… should your shoes match your handbag?


Fall and winter bags color trends

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With fall and winter quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting ready with the most fashionable handbags and accessories. We’ll soon be wearing coats, scarves, boots and tights – all the fashion things we love about the upcoming seasons! Fall and winter are the favorite seasons for many people, and with rich oranges, burgundy shades and dark colors on trend for bags and accessories, it isn’t hard to see why.


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